Chilart Woodstock


The Woodstock is the ultimate all-in-one keg dispenser - portable, rugged and cold for days without the need for power, just ice!

If you have plans for an epic event, the Woodstock needs to be on your list. The unit is ideal for events or functions where there is no power available, in remote locations or anywhere you need a no hassle pop-up cold beer dispensing system. The Woodstock is totally self-contained and can easily be relocated for instant service anywhere. 

***Woodstock requires Chilart Regulator, click here to purchase.***


Make it Your Own

The front face of the unit has two panels that can be customized with your brand. Ideal for a product, beverage or company brand tied with a promotion or super cool supporting graphics.

Keeping it Cool

The cooling power of the system is provided by 131 feet of stainless steel coil set inside an insulated and sealed 35-pound ice bin. The Woodstock will pour 80 pints per hour at 39F and can hold ice for up to 3 days!

Rugged & Portable

All functions such as quickly changing out the keg, topping the ice bank or checking on gas pressure are easily accessible. Dual cup dispensers on either side of the unit allow faster service times.


Size: 23.5”W x 51.25“H x 34.5”L 
Weight: 118 lbs  
Capacity: 46L 
Coil Length: 133 Feet
Material: Polyethylene


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